We at the non-profit, independent Gateway Film Center are proud to introduce Film’s Cool, an easygoing education series held right here at the theater under the guidance of supportive and encouraging experts. Our goal is to help regular movie fans across Columbus develop film appreciation, movie criticism and even film production skills. We think that will make movie watching more fun, expand people’s movie preferences, and generally make Columbus an even better film city.



Because we never lost that feeling of wonder you get when you learn something new -- or help someone else learn it too. Because we consider the film center to be a “learning lab,” where we’re always curious, always seeking new knowledge, and always working to help our associates, guests and partners

See, our purpose is to engage people in movies that inspire them to see one another and the world in new ways. And we’ve always believed learning about movies -- how they work, how they’re made, what makes them unique as an artform -- advances that mission.

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