FFOCOL: My Dads, My Moms and Me (2019)

documentary | NR | 1hr 27min

Opening at GFC: 09/12/2019

Film Festival of Columbus

Upcoming Showtimes:
September 12th 2019


In 2007, three families and five children of gay fathers let the camera into their lives. Twelve years later the camera returns to find out how the kids are faring as teenagers. Inspired by Seven Up! Series, the film expands the time horizon while registering a sense of what growing up with gay parents feels like not only from without but also from within. Three stories of adoption, co-parenting and surrogacy that seemed so ground breaking in 2007 – two years after Canada became the first country outside of Europe to legalize same-sex marriage, turn into a monumental statement to the sadness and splendor of ordinary life and parenthood.

Directed By:

Julia Ivanova

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