FFOCOL: Episodic Premiere: 5A, 5B (2019)

comedy | NR | 1hr

Opening at GFC: 09/12/2019

Film Festival of Columbus

Upcoming Showtimes:
September 12th 2019


He’s a gay geek avoiding 30. She’s a suburban divorcée embracing 50. Together, neighbors Kev and Jan confront New York’s daily disasters...

5A5B is an adventure comedy following two well-intended naïfs, Kevin McCormick and his best friend Jan, as they search for self-acceptance, potential partners and promising professions, all the while finding themselves more and more entrenched in a cosmic farce of epic proportions!

Kev rushes to a cater-waiter gig with his next-door neighbor, Jan, only to discover the event is being held at the posh brownstone where he once lived with his ex-partner, John. Seizing on the chance to mend a hella’ messy breakup, Kevin decides to stay and finally come clean about his own infidelities. But his plan is derailed when John arrives at the party with a Millennial doppelganger who is half John’s age! 


Angela Atwood, Dan Domingues, Amanda Bruton, Shaotian Cai, Marc Sinoway, Jean Brassard, Angelo Luis Rios, Michael Cicetti

Directed By:

Michael Cicetti

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