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Bad emotion, good motion

Anxiety, insecurity, lack of control…We all feel these. We’re probably feeling a mixture of each of them daily. They come up when we’re sending over a new client proposal, submitting a deliverable for review, or finalizing a project before setting it live. They can feel like major roadblocks, gumming up the entire system.

But what if we started shifting our mindset, even just a little bit? What if we could start to recognize these bad things as actually good?

Joyce N. Ho, a Hong Kong-born Australian award-winning art director, is coming to Columbus to help us self-reflect. She’s learned over the years that if you can understand why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling, you can use it as a lesson instead of a roadblock.

Negative feelings are part of the creative process—let’s turn them into tools for growth.

On May 16 at the Gateway Film Center, come see Joyce’s process for acknowledging negative talk and how we can use it to better understand ourselves.

See her work, including projects for Semi Permanent, Nike, and Syfy at joycenho.com

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