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Conversations from the Center

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April 14th 2020

6:00PM | Open to the public

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In the archives from Conversations from the Center, recorded Tuesday, April 12, 2020:
Tune in to our second livestream discussion featuring the latest from Oscilloscope and four, hand-picked short films from the SXSW Short Film Collection. Film Center President and Programmer, Chris Hamel will talk with two special guests about festival programming and independent filmmaking.

To get ready for Tuesday's discussion, watch (or rewatch) Saint Frances and four SXSW short films we've paired with it.

Saint Frances

Available to stream in our virtual screening room


These SXSW Shorts

Thessa Meijer's Heat,
Matthew Puccini's Dirty,
Nadja Andrasev's Symbiosis,
and Parker Finn's Laura Hasn't Slept 

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