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April 10th 2020

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In the archives of Conversations from the Center recorded on Friday, Apri 8, 2020: 

Tune in to our livestream discussion of three features from Academy Award-winning director Bong Joon Ho. For our first ever conversation in this twice-weekly program, Film Center President and Programmer, Chris Hamel talks with Hope Madden, a film critic based in Columbus and co-owner of MaddWolf.com. 

To get ready for this week's discussion,
we're rewatching three Bong Joon Ho films, all available online.


Available to stream on Hulu starting April 8.

Mother (2009)

Available to stream on Magnolia Selects (enter code MOVIE481 to support the Film Center)

The Host (2006)

Available to stream on Magnolia Selects OR for free on YouTube

Directed By:

Bong Joon Ho

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