Cassandro the Exotico

documentary | NR | 1hr 13min

Opening at GFC: 12/13/2019

Young French Cinema

Upcoming Showtimes:
December 14th 2019


One-woman film crew Marie Losier returns with her Bolex and her inimitably imaginative style to present this tremendously moving portrait of Sául Armendáriz, better known as Cassandro, the openly gay Mexican wrestling champion who has been legendary in rings around the world since the early 90s. Yet the viewer soon discovers that the battles in Cassandro’s life have extended far beyond the ring, notably to his struggle with substance abuse. But while Cassandro, the Exotico! is primarily a tribute to an unstoppable original who has stared down all of life’s challenges, it is also an affecting picture of the friendship between the filmmaker and her subject, a bond most clearly evidenced in the vulnerability Cassandro displays in confiding on camera. Losier rewards that trust with her marvelous depictions of Cassandro’s inner world, artfully created scenes that take Cassandro out of the everyday and into a dreamlike, mystical landscape that defies interpretation but speaks directly to the senses. This blend of emotional truth and flight of fancy is what makes Marie Losier a unique and essential bridge between the avant-garde and documentary film.


Cassandro (Saúl Armendáriz)

Directed By:

Marie Losier

Written By:

Marie Losier, Antoine Barraud

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