Braguino (2017)

documentary | NR | 49min

Opening at GFC: 12/13/2019

Young French Cinema

Upcoming Showtimes:
December 15th 2019


Following his prize-winning debut feature Neither Heaven nor Earth, acclaimed visual artist and filmmaker Clément Cogitore travels deep into the taiga of Eastern Siberia to document the feud between two families living on opposite banks of a river hundreds of miles from civilization. Braguino focuses on the members of the Braguine family, who first settled this stunningly beautiful remote region, while those of the Kitine family across the river appear only as gures in the distance, lending the film an enigmatic, eerie quality that transcends its subject matter. Indeed, Braguino is far more than a record of the trouble between neighbors, but a deeply lyrical elegy to an imperiled way of life celebrated here through long, majestic shots of men, women, and children at work and at play on the misty river and in the autumnal woods. While the outside world encroaches upon this land out of time in the specific form of heavily armed men who helicopter in from the city to hunt for sport, Cogitore’s poetic idiom suggests the environmental threat at issue extends far beyond this isolated situation. Braguino is presented with Cogitore’s short film Les Indes galantes.

Directed By:

Clément Cogitore

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