Blog Post: Launching the New GFC.com

January 18, 2015

Every production worth its salt takes time, effort and people to turn into reality. That’s true about the movies we show. And, as it turns out, it’s true about web sites.

The sleek new online digs you see here are the result of a team of GFC staffers and our partners at Ibel Agency investing hours upon hours taking the very best of the previous site and merging it with both the best of other sites like ours and with your feedback.

A quick tour:

– You told us you wanted an easier time finding showtimes, so we moved them right up front, main page, can’t miss ’em (honestly, we should’ve done that a long time ago; thanks for being patient). They’re also in a Now Showing tab like before, if you prefer.

– There’s the slideshow right at the top, displaying some of the coolest activities happening right now around the film center

– Because it’s growing in popularity, we made membership its own tab, and moved signup online.

– We organized our film series by category, so you can find your horror, family, arts and others fast and easy.

… and a ton more! I’m really happy with the results, and I hope you are too. Let me know what you think: drop me a line or come by the film center and share your take.

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