Young French Cinema Shorts Program

animation, comedy, drama, world | 1hr 41min

Opening at GFC: 06/07/2017

Only at GFC

Upcoming Showtimes:
June 7th 2017


ALICE (2016), 15 min, drama. - A woman gives birth painfully and pushes the baby out with extreme violence. We put a bracelet on the baby with the letter X. As the psychologist tries to speak to her, she starts thinking of the consequences.


HARAMIST (2015), 40 min, comedy. - Rim, 18 years-old veiled woman, is on notice when she reminds Yasmina, her 17 years-old sister, that she must not go to talk at the young man she likes.


JOINT-TENANTS (2015), 12 min, animation. - Camille lives alone. The alarm clock, her cat’s meals and the sound of the cash register at the supermarket order her life. But one day, a man discreetly slips inside her house and shakes up her bearings…


PARTNER (2015), 19 min, drama. - Today, Tony is supposed to audition for drama school. But Steven, his best friend and reading partner, doesn’t show up. After having failed to find another volunteer, Tony gives up.


LOVE (2016), 15 min, animation. - (repeat) - Love is a short film describing affection in 3 different chapters, through an impact on a distant solar system.

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