Where is Kyra?

drama | NR | 1hr 38min

Opening at GFC: 04/13/2018

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WHERE IS KYRA? tells the story of Kyra Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer), a middle-aged divorcee who moves into her elderly mother’s Brooklyn apartment while she looks for work and tries to get back on her feet. When her mother suddenly dies, Kyra is left without any support, both emotional and financial, and finds herself with very few options–none of them good. Despite a blossoming affair with a sympathetic neighbor (Kiefer Sutherland) with struggles of his own, Kyra can’t accept that her once-tidy life has fallen apart, and she resorts to increasingly desperate measures to hold onto what little she has left.”


Michelle Pfeiffer, Kiefer Sutherland, Suzanne Shepherd

Directed By:

Andrew Dosunmu

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