Ville-Marie (2015)

drama, world | NR | 1hr 41min

Opening at GFC: 05/17/2017

Only at GFC

Upcoming Showtimes:
May 17th 2017

May 20th 2017


In this powerful study of urban isolation, leading young Canadian writer-director Guy Édouin uses the Ville-Marie hospital in Montreal to effortlessly weave together disparate lives, eventually honing on the encounter between two women facing the metaphorical or literal loss of their sons. International movie star Sabine Bernard (Monica Bellucci) comes to Montreal to shoot a film uncomfortably reminiscent of her own life, but also to be close to her estranged son Thomas. When Thomas gets hit by an ambulance after having a fight with his mother, Sabine meets Marie, an emergency room doctor who has lost her youngest son and subsequently grown distant from her oldest. In their brief encounter, both women seem to find the strength to move forward—and perhaps to change. Featuring a wonderfully intimate performance from Monica Bellucci, VILLE-MARIE is an exquisitely crafted, deeply moving film that mixes the magic of the great Hollywood melodramas with the clear-eyed artistry of today’s greatest arthouse directors.

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