Uncompleted Song (2015)

comedy, world | NR | 1hr 45min

Opening at GFC: 04/29/2017

Only at GFC

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April 29th 2017


UNCOMPLETED SONG is the hilarious, heartwarming autobiographical tale of leading French rapper Orelsan’s struggle to make his hip-hop dreams come true. The challenges here are not due to the closed doors of show biz or a chronic lack of talent, but the artist’s own self-doubt. As such, Uncompleted Song will inspire anyone hesitant to chase a dream long held. When the film starts, Orel is working as a night receptionist at a hotel in Normandy. It’s been five years since he and his best friend Gringe made waves by rapping on a local radio show. Unfortunately, they haven’t finished anything since and the producers who have been supporting them deliver an ultimatum: Orel and Gringe have twenty-four hours to write a song before they pull the plug. UNCOMPLETED SONG follows one epic day in which an old friendship is tested, relationships are ended, a vocation is questioned, and one triumphant song is finally written. Brimming with unexpected musical numbers, UNCOMPLETED SONG is as much hip-hop musical comedy as provincial bromance, a heartfelt hybrid true to its writer-director and star’s unique personality.

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