Threads (1984) 2K Restoration

horror, sci-fi, war | NR | 1hr 52min

Opening at GFC: 03/16/2018

Nightmares from the Crypt

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Originally produced by the BBC in 1984, THREADS is a shattering speculative tale about the onset of World War III, and the horrors of the post-apocalyptic society that struggles for survival. The film takes place in the ruins of Sheffield, a British working class town. Despite the fact that the world seems to be falling apart all around them, a young couple (Karen Meagher, Reece Meagher) intend to go ahead with their upcoming wedding. As the date draws near, however, simmering international tensions soon erupt into global thermonuclear war. In the devastation that follows, the apocalyptic erosion of society sends mankind hurtling back hundreds of years into an age where famine, strife, pestilence, and death wash over the land like an unrelenting flood of venomous bile.


Karen Meagher, Reece Dinsdale, David Brierly

Directed By:

Mick Jackson

Written By:

Barry Hines

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