Spartacus and Cassandra (2014)

documentary, world | 1hr 20min

Opening at GFC: 06/14/2017

Only at GFC

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June 14th 2017

June 17th 2017


Spartacus, 13, and his sister Cassandra, 11, are the children of Romani beggars in Paris. When the film begins, they are living in a circus built in a vacant lot outside the city by the idealistic young trapeze artist Camille. Following the children at juvenile court, in school, in their trailer, and on the streets, this tremendously moving documentary finds them wrestling with the terrible choice to live on the streets and in illegality with their parents or to agree to integrate French society by being placed in a foster family. As occasional voiceover written and delivered by the children makes amply clear, Spartacus and his sister are extraordinarily bright people faced with situations no young person should ever have to experience. While it is far from a straightforward inspirational tale, this intimate, sensitive film describes the difficult year in which hope finally appears on their horizon.

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