Sci-Fi Sleepover Fall Edition

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Party: 11:00

Movie: 11:59

Only at GFC

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September 2nd 2017

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Come settle in for an overnight celebration of genre at GFC. Sci-Fi Sleepover takes place in a casual, comfy atmosphere that hearkens back to a simpler time, when you could stay up all night with friends watching sci-fi movies.

The fall edition of Sci-Fi Sleepover, our easygoing quarterly overnight celebration of sci-fi films, marks the Doomsday Clock's recent move closer to the End Time with four films that explore what happens when the power-mad go unchecked. 

- Dead Zone - The president is a madman who will create nuclear apocalypse, and no one will listen to the one guy who knows.
- Red Dawn - The Russians flew into the country secretly and have taken over everything, and the nation's youth is our only chance.
- Idiocracy - Everyone's really, really dumb.
- ??? - What is the secret screening?

Explore insane presidents, war, famine, intellectual wastelands and more as we try to laugh along with the impending apocalypse.

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