Napping Princess (Subtitled)

animation, drama, sci-fi | NR | 1hr 50min

Opening at GFC: 09/15/2017

Only at GFC

Upcoming Showtimes:
September 21st 2017


Welcome to the world of machines. Not so far from our present day, a young woman, Kokone, is having trouble staying awake while studying for her college entrance exams. As she naps, her strange dreams reveal a land of magic-wielding princesses and machines at war, and she is surprised by occasional hints that her family may be involved. But her father, a brilliant mechanic who spends his time repairing and modifying cars, is too busy to notice her, much less address her questions about any truth behind the family connections. As the dreams continue to grow in intensity, Kokone realizes that there may be stronger connections between her dreams and reality, leading her closer to her family history than ever before. Napping Princess has all the features of the best anime films, expertly layering its narrative to fuse two worlds that appear separate on the surface.


Mitsuki Takahata, Shinnosuke Mitsushima, Yôsuke Eguchi

Directed By:

Kenji Kamiyama

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