Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection

animation, sci-fi | NR | 1hr 46min

Opening at GFC: 02/10/2018

World Cinema

Upcoming Showtimes:
February 10th 2018

February 12th 2018

February 14th 2018

The Planet Erutoria is dying by deterioration. Florian family, the husband, wife and their daughters Amitie and Kyrie, still remain in the planet in order to revive the planet. However father Grants Florian stuck down by a serious illness and their dream to regenerate the planet has collapsed. Kyrie, younger sister wish for helping her father and reviving the planet for "far away another universe". Kyrie with her best friend Iris go on a journey to "far away universe" against Amitie's advice. Their destination is small island "Japan" which located in the far east of the planet called "The Earth" They go to see three girls live in Japan searching for the key to make their dream to regenerate the planet come true. Three girls' names are "Nanoha Takamachi", "Fate T Harlaown" and, "Hayate Yagami".

Directed By:

Takayuki Hamana

Written By:

Masaki Tsuzuki

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