Irregular at Magic High School The Movie (Subtitled)

animation, fantasy | NR | 1hr 30min

Only at GFC

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July 29th 2017

July 31st 2017

August 2nd 2017

Event Description:

Set in a world where magic is established as a skill set, THE IRREGULAR AT MAGIC HIGH SCHOOL tells the tale of a pair of siblings and their friends - students attending a school known as “Magic High School”.

In this story, the seasons have changed and it will soon be the second spring. Tatsuya and Miyuki have finished their first year at First Magic High School and are on their spring break. The two go to their villa on the Ogasawara Island archipelago. After only a small moment of peace a lone young woman named Kokoa appears before them. She has abandoned the Naval base and she tells Tatsuya her one wish.
Presented in Japanese with English subtitles


Yuichi Nakamura, Saori Hayami, Yumi Uchiyama


Directed By:

Risako Yoshida

Written By:

Tsutomu Sato

Muneo Nakamoto

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