Free To Ride

documentary, drama | : Display no rating | 1hr

Opening at GFC: 06/23/2017

Only at GFC

Upcoming Showtimes:
June 24th 2017

June 25th 2017

June 26th 2017


FREE TO RIDE is a modern day civil rights story where everybody wins, even if they don't realize it. It begins with a determined civil advocacy group and a tenacious civil rights attorney in Dayton, Ohio and ends with legal precedent in Washington D.C. through a historic investigative finding that expands transit access to jobs and opportunity, showing others how to get justice in their communities as well.

FREE TO RIDE demonstrates the powerful impact of community action and recounts the four-year struggle to extend bus service from the city of Dayton into a privileged and resistant suburb. The film closely examines the reasoning and underlying motivation behind the unlawful decision made by a nervous city council to deny public transportation into its community, and casts revealing and important light onto the biases and tactics of modern day discrimination and the competing agendas that are often hidden within the bureaucracy of municipal administration.

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