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Throw the coolest holiday party ever Only at GFC

Every Tuesday In The Lounge!

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Signature Events

Movies were meant to share! Come to our signature events – some of the most unique and celebrated activities anywhere – and enjoy the shows and movies you love in a fun, social atmosphere with other fans.

Age Friendly Screenings

Age Friendly Screenings are movies presented with an in-theater experience designed for seniors, with lights up and sound down. Held on the last Tuesday each month, movies in this series will often be paired with an event at the film center, anything from a Torpedo Room meet-up to a guest speaker or hands-on art activity.

Cornetto Trilogy

What started off as nothing more than a repeated joke had given way to a full-fledged trilogy with the simple reference to a brand of convenience store ice cream cone. Experience the whole trilogy again, complete with aforementioned frozen confections, topping it off with Edgar Wright’s latest, Baby Driver, opening JUNE 27 at 7:00 p.m.

Film Festival of Columbus

The Film Festival of Columbus (FFOCOL) will return for an exciting sixth year to the Gateway Film Center, June 15-18. The festival aims to bring people together, showcasing seasoned and rising filmmakers and extraordinary work from around the world all while raising awareness of Columbus and central Ohio as a filmmaking destination.

FFOCOL (pronounced FOCAL) is a new breed of film festival for Columbus and the Midwest. The festival was created to foster a community that is more engaged, aware, and alive through the art of cinema.

For more information, please visit http://filmfestivalofcolumbus.com/

Groundhog Day

Take our ultimate fan test, returning every February with Punxsutawney Phil! Watch the Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day for 24 hours straight and win movie tickets for a year. 

Note: our iconic marathon sells out! Get your tickets quick and arrive early to lineup.

International Sports Film Festival of Ohio

The International Sports Film Festival of Ohio (ISFFO) makes its debut this spring at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio.

The festival includes films, speakers, and events that raise important questions about the ways that religion, gender, and nation separate us inside and outside of sports. ISFFO aspires to generate conversations about how sports can break down barriers, connect communities, and inspire hope.

For more information, please visit facebook.com/ISFFO.


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