Ohio Grown Film

Film center-sponsored screenings that bring Ohio filmmakers an audience and let them share in ticket revenue.

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Dark Iris

action, thriller | PG-13 | 1hr 39min

Iris’s world is turned upside down as she is hunted by a stalker and the FBI target her in multiple murders. Her ...

Opening at GFC:


  • June 16th
Bakers Man

comedy, romance | NR | 1hr 15min

While evaluating her for his 100,000 grant, Thomas Stevens, a multimillionaire falls for the pastry chef that he ...

special event

  • June 10th
  • June 11th
Detroit Boys

action, drama | NR | 1hr 55min

Movie: Sunday, June 25 at 4:30PM

special event

  • June 25th
Holy Hustle

comedy | NR | 1hr 50min

Movie: Saturday, July 15 at 5:00PM

special event

  • July 15th