Nightmares from the Crypt

The best horror movies, resurrected from the past so you can see them on the big screen for maximum fright. Think greats like The Exorcist -- or better yet, don't. *Shiver*

A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

horror, thriller | R | 1hr 31min

One, two Freddy’s coming for you… A group of teens in Springwood, Ohio are hunted down in their dreams by ...

Opening at GFC:


  • October 13th
  • October 14th
Halloween (1978)

horror, thriller | R | 1hr 31min

John Carpenter’s minimalist slasher film took up where Psycho left off and paved the way for supernaturally ...

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  • October 16th
  • October 17th
  • October 18th
  • October 19th
  • October 20th
  • October 21st
  • October 22nd
Shining (1980), The

horror, thriller | R | 2hr 26min

Oh, so good, so good. Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) takes his wife (Shelley Duvall) and his psychic son to the ...

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  • October 23rd
  • October 24th
  • October 25th
  • October 26th
  • October 27th
  • October 28th
  • October 29th
Killumbus Meet-up and Screening of Room 237 and The Shining

horror | NR | 2hr 26min

Party: Friday, October 23 at 7:30PM

Movie: Friday, October 23 at 9:00PM

special event

  • October 23rd