Happening next at gateway film center

Hoot 87: Art

animation, family | G | 2hr

Party: Saturday, May 26 at 10:00AM

special event

  • May 26th

10:00AM |

Sci-Fi Sleepover: Summer Edition

horror, sci-fi, thriller | R

Party: Saturday, June 2 at 11:00PM

Movie: Saturday, June 2 at 11:59PM

special event

  • June 2nd
Wicked Imagination of a Teenage Kid, The

PG-13 | 45min

Party: Sunday, June 3 at 4:30PM

special event

  • June 3rd
English National Ballet: Giselle

drama, music | NR | 1hr 53min

Hailed as ‘a masterpiece of 21st century dance’ from English National Ballet, Akram Khan’s Giselle comes to ...

special event

  • June 4th
  • June 6th
Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern

animation, drama | PG-13 | 1hr 37min

During the Taisho era of 1918, 17-year-old Benio Hanamura, a boisterous and quarrelsome tomboy, leads a life of kendo ...

special event

  • June 9th
Found Footage Film Festival 2018

comedy | R | 2hr

Party: Thursday, June 14 at 7:30PM

Movie: Thursday, June 14 at 8:30PM

special event

  • June 14th
Sensory Friendly: Shrek (2001)

adventure, animation, comedy | PG | 1hr 30min

Movie: Saturday, June 16 at 11:00AM

special event

  • June 16th


Matthew Bournes Cinderella

drama, music | NR | 1hr 50min

Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella is a thrilling and evocative love story set in London during the Second World War. The ...

special event

  • June 18th
  • June 20th
Nina West Presents!

music | 2hr

Party: Wednesday, July 4 at 4:30PM

Movie: Wednesday, July 4 at 6:00PM

special event

  • July 4th
  • August 22nd
Muse: Drones World Tour

documentary, music | NR | 1hr 40min

In support of their chart-topping seventh studio album Drones, the Grammy Award-winning rock band Muse embarked on ...

special event

  • July 12th

comedy, fantasy, sci-fi | PG-13 | 3hr

Movie: Thursday, July 12 at 8:00PM

special event

  • July 12th
  • July 13th
Royal Ballet: Swan Lake

drama, romance | NR | 3hr

Swan Lake has had a special role in the repertory of The Royal Ballet since 1934. This Season The Royal Ballet creates ...

special event

  • July 16th
  • July 18th
Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

animation, drama | PG-13 | 1hr 55min

Though only 15, Maquia knows she will live for centuries without aging past adolescence. She belongs to the Iolph, a ...

special event

  • July 21st
Sensory Friendly: The Iron Giant (1999)

action, adventure, animation | PG | 1hr 26min

Movie: Saturday, July 21 at 11:00AM

special event

  • July 21st



documentary, music | NR | 54min

Movie: Tuesday, July 24 at 7:00PM

special event

  • July 24th


Sensory Friendly: How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

action, adventure, animation | PG | 1hr 38min

Movie: Saturday, August 18 at 11:00AM

special event

  • August 18th


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Elevate your event with Gateway Film Center.

Host a private screening with a theater all to yourself. Hold an off-site work presentation on our HD
screens. From pure business to unadulterated fun, our brand makes your event special, and our
services make it perfect.

Choose a theater, our mezzanine lounge overlooking the lm center or the Torpedo Room — our
subaquatic cantina.

  • -Christie and NEC 2K digital projection

  • - Dolby Digital 5.1  surround sound

  • - On-screen computer projection (Apple & Windows compatible):

    • – PowerPoint

    • – Skype

    • – Youtube, Vimeo, and streaming video

    • – Live website or software demonstrations and more

  • – Wall-to-wall screens

  • – High Speed Internet Access

  • – Fully mixed audio solutions

  • – Wireless and lavalier Microphones

  • –35mm and 70mm Projection Available